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Landing Page Structure

A landing page is a combination of logic, psychology and emotion. Detailed below are all the necessary elements required to create a high converting landing page.

1. Above the fold Area

  1. Headline
  2. Subheadline
  3. Hero Image/Video
  4. Brief Copy
  5. CTA

2. Trust Signals

  1. List of publications that you have been featured in OR
  2. Elite customer list of universally/locally recognised brands

3. Explanation of the product or service or its concept

  1. Discuss Audience Pain points
  2. Explanation of concept/product/service

4. Benefits

  1. Feature benefits detailed under emotional benefits
  2. Exlain how product helps customers, what problems it solves

5. Testimonials

The exact position of testimonials on the landing page is up for debate. I suggest putting them closer to the end because they are one of the most compelling persuasive features in conversion optimization.

Disruptive Advertising has a spread of customer testimonials in two sections. Written testimonials are at the top, and video testimonials are near the bottom. Here are their written testimonials.

And explanation of features and benefits always helps to persuade, but testimonials have the most profound impact upon a user.

It’s important to put the most compelling form of persuasion where it matters most — right at the last chance for a conversion.

6. More CTA

Always close with another call to action. Ideally, you will sprinkle calls to action throughout your page. But whatever you do, give the user a chance to convert.

All CTA’s must be supported with risk reversal/trust signals

  1. Security message
  2. Guarantee
  3. Shipping pricing/free
  4. Estimated Delivery time. Instantaneous download/ by email for digital products
  5. Urgency/scarcity

7. Objection Handling via FAQ

Address all possible objects to purchase

8. Test and iterate

It’s important that once you’ve launched your landing page, you start testing it. The entire point of landing page optimization is to try to beat your original landing page with an improved variant. Start by hypothesizing what would help your visitors convert more. It may be a stronger headline, or maybe you have too many distracting images. Whatever your hypothesis is — create variants and test them!

A/B is the key!

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