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Pre-suasion Principles

Concept of Framing My friend is not alone in experiencing the remarkable effects of merely launching a large number into the air and, consequently, into the minds of others. Researchers have found that the amount of money people said they’d be willing to spend on dinner went up when the restaurant was named Studio 97, […]

Investor Mental Models

What are Mental Models? Mental models are key ideas from each discipline (e.g. Mathematics, Physics, Accounting etc). It’s a framework or worldview you have in your mind to help you understand how the world works. Traditionally in school, we study subjects in isolation. Information about each subject is compartmentalised into distinct folders in our brain […]

Investor Readup

Ecommerce UI UX

Discovery Social Paid Ads Referrals Mentions in frequented sources of related information (blog/magazine/news) Four mindsets of customers From the model there are four mindsets the customers can be in when interacting with a website and brand: Search Browse Monitor Being aware Purchase is a mindset that often comes after the user has already been through […]

Mental Models

the circle of competence the law of diminishing returns the Pareto principle – the 80/20 rule 5 great books about mental models If you want to read more about mental models, here are some books to further explore the topic. Not only I found these books useful, but I’ve seen them recommended over and over […]


Success Failure is not the opposite of success, failure is an ingredient of success. Anupama Every battle is won before it is fought. Sun Tzu, ancient chinese military strategist

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