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OSE Webinar

INTRODUCTION High Energy Start NOTES: FOCUS: Push people to stay to end for better sales 1. Warm Welcome 2. Hook 3. Short Vid – stay till end 4. Free Gift at end Hi There Anupama Singh here. Welcome to this webinar. Today you are going to learn how to start and scale a legitimate & […]

How to use reddit for social

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

Online Free Tools

These are some tools I use regularly to save time. These simple tools can help do away with menial time-consuming stuff. 1. Css Cheat Sheet 2. Fancy-Border-Radius Generator 3. Css Shadow Tools 4. Data Visualisation 5. Media File Renamer – Auto & Manual Rename 6. The SEO Framework – Automated, Effortless, […]

Landing Page Structure

A landing page is a combination of logic, psychology and emotion. Detailed below are all the necessary elements required to create a high converting landing page. 1. Above the fold Area Headline Subheadline Hero Image/Video Brief Copy CTA 2. Trust Signals List of publications that you have been featured in OR Elite customer list of […]

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