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FOCUS: Push people to stay to end for better sales
1. Warm Welcome
2. Hook
3. Short Vid - stay till end
4. Free Gift at end

Hi There Anupama Singh here. Welcome to this webinar.

Today you are going to learn how to start and scale a legitimate & successful e-commerce business in less than 30 days even if

  1. you have no online experience,
  2. even if you don’t have a large budget, and
  3. even if you’re not technically competent.

And I’m going to keep this very, very short and hope to explain to you all this in 30 minutes or so.

I am going to explain this e-commerce blueprint to you and give this downloadable PDF of the blueprint along with this free supporting guide if you stay till the end.

Whats In It For Me (WIIFM)

FOCUS: Push people to stay to end for better sales
1. Discuss Agenda
2. Short Video (again & again),
3. BIG Money making PROMISE
4. Discuss audience pain points
5. Repeat Hook & Free gift
6. Ask them if they are serious
7. Show Proof your system works 
   (share results & testimonials/trustpilot ratings)
8. Add disclaimer : 
    1. Results are not typical. 
    2. Not a get rich quick scheme.
9. Summarize your HOOK content. Share your own/borrow others,       rags to riches story because of hook/model.


Now before we get into the blueprint let me tell you what we are going to cover today. Within just 15 to 20 minutes, I’m going to give you a full lowdown on how to go from nothing to over 3 Lakhs, in online monthly sales, selling products without any physical shop to not just people of your locality but to the entire state and even the entire country, right from your home or warehouse.

Here at Brandloom, we have created a business blueprint backed by our extensive UIUX research and understanding of sales psychology for the last 5 years in the eCommerce category.

So, this blueprint that I’m going to share with you at the end of this video is called as the online sales engine blueprint. And this blueprint has been implemented by over a couple of dozen small business owners who are now getting results.

Now I am going to keep this video very very short because I want to share only what is important for you.

Now selling offline from your home or a physical shop is fine but the opportunities are limited to your physical neighborhood locality. Selling from home does not have any extra infrastructure or rentals or salaries to take care of but the scope of the selling is limited simply because you cannot reach a large number of people. Meanwhile selling from a physical shop gives you a somewhat professional presence but depending on the location the overheads can be quite costly. If you want better footfall you must have your shop in a busy market which translates into higher rents and more salaries to employees such as sales persons and delivery boys. And even then you will sell only to your locality

What if there is a way to sell, where you can reduce these overhead costs and reach the entire population of your country and not just your locality?!

Now some of you may already be selling online via your own website or maybe via a marketplace like amazon. But have you

(5)Now I have a proven e-commerce system and methodology that scale your business manyfold.

And let me prove this to you and show it to you. I have more than a dozen results where small business owners have moved to the online sales engine model and have 10Xed their sales. For me, it is not just about teaching information. For me, it’s about helping you get the result.

(Add some case studies)

(6) But before we move on I would like to add a disclaimer, that these results are not typical. Those people who follow my system, who put in the hard work, and who actually implement it exactly like what I’m giving, they are able to get results.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is about generating value by building a business with a soul and adding value to people’s life. Okay?

So now I hope I’ve got your attention and I want you to watch this till the end. This is going to be a very short webinar and I need your undivided attention so that I can go to this blueprint, which is called the online ecommerce sales engine blueprint.

Context Setting ( For live)

Focus: Make an uninterrupted LIVE presentation & get them to stay till the end.
Inform people that video will be short (again & again),
Share the time duration 30 mins,
Let them know that they can ask questions at the end in a 15 min Q&A
Ask – them to take notes if they are serious.
Tell – OSE blueprint download at the end.
Some more proof after implementing OSE blueprint

(1,2,3,4)Okay? But before we start I am going to tell you how this will go. – I will explain this business model in less than 30 minutes , and if you are serious about making a difference in your life and career, I want you to take a lot of notes.

Also, you may have some questions that come to your mind. I want you to write them down and we will have a 15 min Q&A at the end where I will try to answer all your questions. Okay?

So lets get back to our online sales engine blueprint. Customer-centric.

speaker 1
So this blueprint, I’m going to give you a download towards the end. It is broken into three segments. Okay. Now let me explain to you exactly how this works. So the blueprint has three parts to it. One is you need to have your e-commerce business stack, e-commerce business system, and e-commerce business skills. This system is a distillation of my experience working on the backend of different successful commerce businesses. And I’m going to be decoding this entire thing over the next 15 minutes. Okay. Everything’s going to be covered. See, I’ll just give you some proof.

speaker 1

Industry STATS – Establish Vehicle

Focus: Push people to stay to end for better sales
Inform people that video will be short (again & again),
Show Industry stats & establish chosen industry as the ultimate get rich quick vehicle.
Show industry expertise. Support with data & figures.
Ask audience to demonstrate that they are action takers by staying to the end
Who is this course for? Course benefits. Problems this course solves.

Now, the reason why this is working this blueprint works is because we are riding the information age. That note right now, as of 2020, the mobile learning market is a $38 billion industry. Especially in the current scenario of the world. Schools are going online, colleges are going online. Everyone is going online. Webinars are happening from all over the place. But in spite of that, a lot of people who do not know exactly how to implement this as a business model, they are only going in more like an information based model, not from a business model perspective. That’s what you’re going to be learning in this. And from a business perspective, Forbes magazine has projected that the e-learning market is going to become a $325 billion industry by 2025.

Who Is this Course for?

speaker 1
So if you’re watching this video and you’re extremely lucky and because very few people know about this, and even if they know about it, a lot of people don’t take action. So if you want to turn your luck into actual manifestation of money into your life, you’ve got to be an action taker. And you got to watch this video to this end. There are some people who will watch to this point or a few more seconds, they’ll leave and they’ll go out. Nothing can happen to their life. But if you are one, you really see this and you want to end cash on this mega trend, which is the e-learning industry right now. You got to stay till the end of this particular video. Okay? This video is going to be very short.

Now the big problem in today’s industry, it is not lack of information.

speaker 1
It is not that you lack information. You can go on YouTube and swim on you do for 24 hours in a day and get even more confused. The big problem today is information overload and people are getting overwhelmed with so much information. What people want is clear, cut, precise, focused, implementation with clear direction and membership to get results. So it is not that you lack information, you lack direction and focus. And if you are able to focus in this video till the end, trust me, you are going to be having a path to move forward to achieve whatever result that you want, if you’re an expert. Now this model can be applied for who all? If you are a coach, trainer, speaker, teacher, and you want to take your knowledge online, Best place or the right place, the right time. Second category, if you’re an entrepreneur, and if you see that your current business is going down a traditional business, going down, this is the best business to actually start.

speaker 1
And all you need to do is allocate 60 to 90 minutes per day for the next 90 days to build this business for you. Third category, if you’re working in a company right now, there are so many jobs that are being lost all over the world. 47 million jobs have been lost in the U S due to the COVID situation. And job security is not there anymore. People are opting. Big corporations are opting to go for a virtual workforce that they’re opting to go for freelance workforce rather than having full-time roles. This is moving into the economy called the gig economy. If you don’t know about it. So if you think that your job is secure, just wait for some more time. So if you are in a job, this is the time for you to start something of your own with your expertise. Fourth category.

speaker 1
If you’re into affiliate marketing, if you’re into network marketing, if you’re selling real estate, if you’re selling insurance, when selling other people’s products to make commissions, this model will work like magic. If you’re a student and you wanted to actually start on this. In fact, one of my students, he’s 20 years old, he’s still studying and he’s helping his mum in her tarot card reading business. And they achieve 11 lakh rupees within 30 of days implementing this model. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or a senior citizen. I have a 62 year old Suresh from Gurgaon who made, I just showed you his results. He was able to achieve great results within 30 days. He and his wife are doing this together. So if you think you’re non-technical you’re this or that does not matter if you are focused.

speaker 1
And if we’re able to implement this knowledge, you can get a lot of results. So the problem in today’s industry, it is not lack of knowledge, okay? It is not lack of knowledge. The problem is lack of direction. And the solution to that problem is implementing this blueprint, which is called the digital coaching group. And I’ve given you a system because systems work and people fail okay, and I’m going to give you a link to get my freedom business model a little bit later. I’ll tell you more about that. That is my ultimate coaching system for you to get started on the journey and have a very special offer only in this particular segment if you stay for some more time. Okay? So let’s get into it.

Short Intro : Credibility Story + Mission + Heart Story

Focus: Create emotion & familiarity with self
Share your personal background, your credentials, build authority, show industry expertise.
Share associations
Share a personal transformation story (heart story)
Share missions & visions

Now, I’ll give you a quick background about myself. You are learning from somebody who is a college dropout.

speaker 1
I score 28% in math board exams, and I never knew that I would be doing this. Okay. I come from a typical south Indian time Bram Iyer Southern family. And today I’m able to help thousands of people from all walks of life. Industry leaders are going through my courses and they are getting results. I’m a musician turned internet geek. Right now I work 100% from home. Achieved, my first million in 21 months, Trained 200,000 people nurturing a community of over 7,000. Right now it is touching over 10,000 people, auditing a book, husband of a loving wife, father of two boys. And my roots are ground in spirituality and minimalism. There’s a picture of me and my wife, my two kiddos. I have a much larger family called internet lifestyle hub, which is possibly the world’s largest community dedicated to building digital leaders. And, even before I got into this game, I’ve strategically run campaigns promoting people like Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins,

speaker 1
Dr. John Demartini from the movie, the secret, Brian, Tracy, and so on. And I’m sharing these pictures just to let you know that if somebody like me, who’s a non graduate from a typical Indian education standpoint can achieve results. Anybody can achieve results. I believe that you can achieve results if you put your mind to this. Okay?

And I want to share a quick story from my childhood, which is a very important story. I shared every time I do this, it is a story from when I was eight years old. One of the days I come back from school and I asked, my grandpa, that’s my grandpa here. I said dada why should I go to school? My grandpa looks into my eyes and he says Sid, never let schooling interfere with your education. He was quoting mark Twain. He said, never let schooling interfere with the education of it.

speaker 1
So what he meant is whether you’re inside school or outside school, you got to keep learning. So the only way to be successful in this game is to have the mindset of a lifelong learner, because I never knew that I would be in so many different industries in so many different years. Thanks to that message that grandpa gave me. Today, I’m able to do what I’m able to do. So what you’re going to be learning in the next few minutes is something which you can never learn in school and college. You can only learn from somebody who’s implementing that knowledge. And if you are serious about this, you got to take action and get started by implementing this knowledge.

Okay? So having said that, let’s jump into the first concept. You know, my mission, the purpose of me doing this particular video is to help 1 million people live a lifestyle of freedom to be able to live in on a business from anywhere in the world.

speaker 1
And the other mission is to create the next breed of digital teachers. Because looking into a camera and speaking like this and communicating with an audience, it is an art. It is a skill that needs to be actually developed. And even if you have the knowledge in your head for you to be able to do something like this, you have to go through the journey. And that’s why I invite you into my community. And I want you to take action and get into my coaching program. Okay.


Focus: Push people to stay to end for better sales
Concept 1: Five Levels Of Experts
Story1: Sam Ovens Story of Earning Millions (at level 5)
Pitch your offer at end of story 1 + show a testimonial + ask people to buy if convinced. Then continue with concept 2.
Concept 2: Digital Coach Blueprint – I. Knowledge Business Stack; Digital Coach Blueprint – II. Knowledge Business System; Digital Coach Blueprint – III. Knowledge Business Skills

Concept 1 : Five Levels Of Experts

But having said that, let me share a few concepts with you. The first concept I want to share with you is that there are five levels of experts. Okay? The first level of an expert is the, do it for your expert. If you’re trading your time for money, you’re a level one expert. The second kind of next one is to do it with your expert.

speaker 1
If I’m going to be paying you some money and you have a team that can execute this work, like when I was running an agency, I had a team to execute the work. I was a level two expert. I was not doing all the work myself better than this is level three one-to-one coach. If I’m a one-to-one coach, if I’m a business coach, I’m going to tell you what to do. And you go and implement that knowledge that is better than level one, level two. And then you have level four, which is group coaching group. Coaching is where you’re not doing one to one, one to one has a bandwidth right now, this video, what you’re watching there are like hundreds of people watching. You can see that, okay, there are hundreds of people watching at any given point of time and I’m doing like a group coaching and it is leveraged training, high leverage training, but there is one level above this.

speaker 1
And this is the level in which I’m operating, which is called the digital ecosystem model. The digital ecosystem model is the ultimate model where you can completely take yourself out of the equation of the training system. And you can make the systems work for you 24 by seven, and you could be doing other things. You could be spending time with your family. You could be spending time with your kids. You could be going out and doing other things while people are still learning. And let me show this to you. Okay. This is a snapshot of an ecosystem that I have tons of products. I have more than 25 different courses. And in my ecosystem that I’m more than 34,595 students are actually learning. And at any given point of time that are at least 200 to 300 people learning at any given point of time.

speaker 1
And the best part is I’m playing games on my PS4. I’m chilling with my family and they’re learning on their own. That that is the ultimate model of freedom, which is additional ecosystem model. Okay? Now the digital ecosystem model is the ultimate method of taking your knowledge and taking it to the next level. Okay.

Story 1

I learned about this principle from one of my mentors. His name is Vick. And then later on, I started to adapt similar concepts from another mentor called Sam Owens. I want you to watch this video and I want you to just take note of the magic of the digital ecosystem model.

Sam Ovens Video Plays
speaker 2
I’m going to show you how you can grow your business from a hundred grand a year to a hundred grand a month to a hundred grand per day. Yes, that is a hundred thousand dollars per day. That’s some bullshit. I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably like who the hell is this dude with a whiteboard and some pictures and how the hell is he going to show me how to go to 100 grand a month or a hundred grand a day? I bet you’re just sitting there thinking there’s some bullshit. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to crack this LaCroix here, and I’m going to show you some proof. All right. So here I am logged into our backend system and you can see that from Jen first 19 to Jan 31st, 19, we made a total of 2.6, nine, 5 million in revenue.

speaker 2
And all of that at 1.9, nine, 6 million was cash collected leaving 699,000 in accounts receivable. And this came from a total of 816 customers in a single month. Now, if you want to see proof of that cash click did here, I am logged into our Stripe account. And you can see that for the same time period. We did 1.9, 3 million USD in the cash collected knit. And you can see that on many days we were over a hundred thousand dollars USD in cash collected. Now, if you wondering how my, how we generated that much volume and customers and sales, well, here I am multilateral Facebook business manager account. And here you can see our different ad accounts and you can see we’ve spent quite a lot of money. I’ll edit for up for you. 2.5 million, 5000005.2 5000005.3 million 5.9 million 7.9 million, roughly about eight to $8.2 million spent on Facebook ads.

speaker 2
Now you’d hope that if someone was spending that much money on ads, they would you’d hope they’d know what they’re doing. And we do because we consistently and reliably turn paid advertising dollars into profit day in, day out consistently for years. And we never stop here. I am logged into Google Edwards and you can see that we’ve spent 3.9, $7 million on ad words and generated 1.46 million clicks, 3.0 a 364 million impressions. And we’ve converted 257,000 people. Well, you can see I’m logged into our HR software and we have a total head count of 18 employees. So this is a lean and mean organization making two to 3 million month profitable and 18 employees proof tastes good.

Pitch + testimonial after story 1

speaker 1
Wasn’t that crazy? I know that your jaw must be dropping on the floor right now. Thinking what the hell is this guy even doing? Okay. This is actually possible. Okay. It may not happen overnight. It took him eight years to start making that kind of money, 3 million, $4 million per month. Now, how is that even possible in Indian rupee terms it is 20, 30, 25 crores per month? Okay. That is crazy. It’s insane. Why? Because he has implemented the digital ecosystem. Okay. Now many of you may not even know but the digital ecosystem model, where he’s using complete automated education and selling process. And if you want to get started on this, what I would like you to do is I would want you to just click on that link below. I have a special offer. I have a bundle called the freedom bundle and the freedom bundle. Let me just quickly show you, I’m going to give you a special offer where I’m going to actually help you implement this entire thing, 13 courses for the price of one.

speaker 1
And I have a very, very special offer. So if you’re watching this and if you want to get started, immediately click on that link below and get started. Okay. Get started. And the whole process of the freedom bundle here is to help you execute and implement your ecosystem or the next 90 days. Okay. The actual value of the 13 courses is over two lakh, rupees. Okay. In dollar terms I’ll actually share with you later, but it’s over two lakh rupees, and I’m going to give you a special offer right now in this video, as you’re watching this right now. Okay.

speaker 3
So, Hey, this is slogan I am one of the students of Freedom Business Model By Siddharth Rajsekar. It has helped me to select a niche, take a step-by-step approach on how to win in the online business game. All right. So this has given me the Liberty to save up for my dad’s retirement. And this has also given me Liberty to save up towards the big goal and dream that I have. I’m netting, a recurring of 1.25 lakhs from my social media agency and I have recently launched a product, which is, which has given me 20,000 rupees in like 11 days. Okay, this is no brainer, guys, please go ahead and take this. I highly recommend this course to you. And I also being also being very grateful to what that’s given to me through this course and the impact that he has created through me to me. Thank you so much for that. And you know, please take up with this close game.

speaker 1
Let’s continue on the learning process. So the digital ecosystem, now you can get in, once you come to the transaction, you’ll get instant access to all of these courses and you can start learning from today itself, but still, if you still want to learn more and I’ll give you more ideas and I’ll go through the blueprint more in detail, stick around over here. Okay? If you’re sure about this, you can go and complete the transaction and start learning inside my community. Okay?

Concept 2 : Digital Coach Blueprint

I. Knowledge Business Stack

So let me now, share with you some interesting concepts on the blueprint. Now the blueprint has three parts to it. Let me now, jump into a mind map. So you’ll be able to see exactly what the blueprint. If you want to make, say three lakh rupees per month, $5,000 per month, selling your knowledge. You have to implement the three components of this blueprint.

speaker 1
The first component is a knowledge business stack. I’ll come to the other two later. Okay? Now the knowledge business stack is where you need to implement this model. The Pentagon model that I have over here, along with the four C’s. Okay. Let me explain to you this more in detail. See that are only five ways, sorry, that only six areas where you can make lots of money selling your knowledge. How to find your niche. There are six niches. The first niche is business growth. If you can help businesses grow in for targeting entrepreneurs. It’s a great niche to be second is scale your growth. If you’re targeting working professionals and students, and you want to improve their career growth, that’s a great place to be in there. People will be willing to spend money to buy courses. Coaching consulting, collaboration. Number three is health and wellness and the health and wellness.

speaker 1
You can either create courses around problem focused courses like weight loss, diabetes, blood pressure, and so on. Or you can even create a course which are method focused, yoga, intermittent, fasting, nutrition. There are so many other categories there. Number four is how to make more money, how to make money through real estate. How to make money to a stock markets, how to make money through Forex, how to make money through cryptocurrency. There are so many ways that one can make money. And if you’re an expert in that area, if you can create a course around that, there are people who would be ready to pay you money for that. And number five, number five is relationships, parenting and couples. And after that we come to and arts and crafts. So arts and crafts, it comes under like there are many people who are creating now online cooking classes, online painting classes, music classes.

speaker 1
So these are the six niches macro niches, where is a lot of money to be made. I hope you’re taking notes because this information, what I’m sharing with you is priceless. There are not many people who have actually gone in depth to analyze this and inside my community in the bundled, which I’ve actually given. I have a course called niche clarity blueprints. Let me just tell you more about that. Okay. So niche, cloudy blueprints is a course that I have developed specifically, specifically to help you go deep into your niche. Okay? Now, when you pick up, when you click on that link and buy my bundle of courses, this is one of the courses. This particular course, this strategy blueprint. I will teach you how to find your micro niche, because under this that are subtopics, I have more than 500 plus sub topics that you can choose from.

speaker 1
Even if you’re somebody who has never done this before, if you are still confused about a niche, if you still do not know which niche to pick, just get into my course and you can go to the niche clarity blueprints. Okay. And I’ll give you 500 plus niches. And I will also make you create your personal clarity positioning. So basically this is 12,500 a piece and value. And I’m going to get this to you absolutely for free when you click on that link and get into my bundle. Okay? So the first part is you need to identify what is your niche and get into your niche and how do you validate your niche? There’s a five-page validation process to see whether your niche is really going to work for you or not. Okay. How do you know whether your topic is going to be a business friendly, or is it going to be profitable or not. There are 5 P’s.

speaker 1
The first P is you need to be passionate about a topic. For example, I’m really passionate about helping create the next beat of digital leaders because I’m a college dropout. I never knew that I would be in the space and I’m, you know, I’m here to prove to the world and prove to you that there are alternate ways to create wealth. And there are alternate ways to live a great life. You don’t have to go to the traditional system of education, tells a traditional society. Okay? So I have a passion in this and the passion should solve a problem. The problem that I’m solving is the current education employment system. It is broken. Okay. It is broken because I I’m, somebody who’s failed and come out successful by doing alternative things. So I’m here to solve that problem. Number three is it should be focused on a particular persona.

speaker 1
Who am I targeting for this course? If you’re an expert, if you’re a knowledge giver this, you are my ideal target market. If you’re not, then this is not for you. You meet, you feel comfortable doing a job, B being the job. That’s fine. If you’re just, you know, if you don’t have the intention to really serve people with your knowledge and help and lead, if you don’t have the passion to be a leader, if you just want to be a follower, then this is not for you. That’s the potential in the market. I just showed you $325 billion industry, huge potential in the market. And that’s why I’m able to get paid. So coming back to you over here, if your passion can solve a problem, targeting a particular persona where there’s a huge potential in the market and you can get paid, then you can make a lot of money.

speaker 1
It doesn’t make sense. So having said that, how do you develop a knowledge based business funnel? There are multiple funnels. Okay? Firstly, you need to have a lead magnet. And I go much deeper into this. The lead after lead magnets, you can do a free webinar, a free consultation, a free WhatsApp training to attract the right kind of leads. Once the leads come through your system, you can create courses, coaching consulting, as well as collaborations, okay? That is much deeper in this. I go deeper into every single segment. In fact, when you click on the Lincoln, when you actually get into my course, I’ll be teaching you more. So niche, clarity blueprint is the first gift I want to give you. The second gift I want to give you is, is a gift called curriculum design blueprint. Here I go deep into curriculum design. How can you actually design a curriculum?

speaker 1
I will teach you how to craft your trip wire, your core product, your modules, how to design bonuses, what should be the price points? How do really add a lot of value so that people can really want to get your course. I also go to the extent of telling you exactly how many videos you need to record for each of the courses and what should be the context of that so that people can really move forward and complete. And I’ll also teach you how to record, edit and publish your own videos. Even if you have never done this before, okay? Now this particular course, if you, to a dedicated my website, it is 12,500 rupees in value. But when you click on the link and register right now, I’m going to give this to you for free. Okay. This is one of the parts of the bundle.

speaker 1
And the other thing that people need to know is when they’re actually designing a knowledge based business, funder, they also need to understand budgeting. Like a lot of people have discussed. Even you may have this question. They said, this is all okay. I can see your mind map. All of this stuff is, is important. You know, if you have to create courses, you know, I say that there should be two levels of courses. You need to charge people 5,000, 10,000 rupees coaching. You can charge, you can do one to one coaching group, coaching consulting. You can do three month consulting, 12 month consulting collaboration you can do in the form of affiliate marketing, alliances and partnerships. You can mix and match all of this, but how much is it going to cost me to set up all of the systems? And there is a cost to it.

speaker 1
Okay? It’s not going to be as big as, you know, buying a franchise or setting up a traditional business with office and employees and all kinds of infrastructure. Infrastructure costs will be much more minimal as compared to anything else for setting up a business like this. And that’s what I cover inside. This particular course called the freedom budget blueprint and the freedom budget blueprint. I’m going to show you how to create your own one-page business plan. That’s also a gift I’m going to give you when you actually get started today, how to manage your money. Using a TWCGO formula TWCGO is I have five different bank accounts, tax wealth, charity general for my household and operations. When I’m able to manage your money, well, you can make more money. In fact, managing your money is more important than making money. And I’m also going to teach you what should be the ideal budget allocation for tools and learning.

speaker 1
Now, even if you’re somebody who does not have any budget, I will show you how to create a cashflow model by building your influence, selling your products, selling your information, and reinvesting that back into the business. There’s a methodology to it. And there’s no course in the market that even covers any of this stuff. Everybody talks about how to make money, how to generate more, leads, how to become an influencer, but nobody tells you how to manage money. Now, this particular course is what has helped me grow. It is 9500% total value. Now I want to give this to you absolutely for free when you complete the transaction by clicking on the link below and getting started. Okay, now actually the value of this bundle is 49,410 rupees. And the retail value of my course is 14,999 plus GST. Now, if you’re able to see a much better deal than that, just grab it because next time you come and see it’s 49 plus GST, it’s going to be more us dollar terms, $197.

speaker 1
Okay. So the next piece of the puzzle, let’s come back over here. I’ve just shared with you, what is the knowledge business stack? Okay. Knowledge business stack. So if you just to recap, the algebra stack is like this, your passion should solve a problem, targeting a particular persona. That should be potential the market and you’ll get paid for it. And you need to develop three levels of products, courses, coaching consulting, and collaboration. Collaboration is an all of these put together is called MSI or multiple income streams, multiple streams of income.

Digital Coach Blueprint – II. Knowledge Business System

Now we will come into the knowledge business system, when it comes to systems that are three to the ecosystem, a branded website, your knowledge portal, and a private network. And let me show you all of these one by one. So the first thing is you need to have your own personal branded website. Like in my case, I have my own website.

speaker 1
Let me just refresh my website. Give me a sec. So you can see it on the screen I have, which is my main website where people get to know more about me. They get to see my resources, my speaking, they can see that it builds over a thousand reviews, 4.99 star rating. I’ve got my products, all my different blogs, articles and a whole bunch of other stuff. Okay. Now all of these are information for people who do not know much about me and for them to get to know more about me. So there’s the first piece of the puzzle. The second piece is I have my own hub is sitting on and now maybe moved into a different platform. You’re watching it later, but here’s where I have different different courses, Niche, freedom business model, and niche clarity blueprints. I’m more than 25 to 30 different different courses.

speaker 1
And you’re like high quality world-class courses. You know, various price points that are there. And the third is I’ve actually created my own social network. Let me show you my social network, how exactly that looks okay. You can see I’ve created my own online society only for the paid members of my community, which is on And if, if you get into my coaching system right now, if you click on that link in the button register and get started, you’ll get a login and password for your own social network. And in the social network right now there are over 6,979 members who are like the VIP members are going through this. And these are like my premium members. So you’ll be a premium member when you, when you come in set my community and oh, here you can participate in threads.

speaker 1
You can post, you can network with other people that are people from all specialties who are actually here in this community. So it doesn’t matter what your background is. All these different kinds of categories of people are building their own ecosystem. Following my system. And we have different events. We have meetups happening every other day, driven, forward by the members of our community. And if you’re stuck at any point of time, you can come here to ask support questions and we have more than 25/ 30 moderators who will give you the answers. Okay? This is just a glimpse of what you’re going to be getting. When you come into my coaching. For me, when you actually buy my course, I’m not just here to sell courses to you. I’m here to invite you into a world where you have the right support system for you to achieve results.

speaker 1
Okay? So coming back to the mind map over here, the second piece that we’ve got to build is your branded website and knowledge portal and private network. And this is what I teach. Once you get into my coaching system, step by step by step. Okay?

Digital Coach Blueprint – III. Knowledge Business Skills

And the third element is skills. You need to build your skills. See no one is born with these talents. That is skill to learn. The best way to learn is to teach and learning is a skill. And as you’re learning, you’ll also learn how to create content, how to create videos, how to create podcasts, how to create funnels, how to create curriculums. All of this is what I’m going to be teaching inside my courses when to get started. Okay? And once you know how to create, then you can start to attract the right kind of customers using paid methods and free methods.

speaker 1

Concept 3 : Flywheel Business Model

Facebook ads, Google ads, you know, organic influence building. And once you are able to attract leads, then the next step is to convert them into sales. And once you convert them to sales, then you’ve got to nurture them and build communities. For me, I’m not just a person who sells products. Like I mentioned, I like to build communities. I like to help people get results. And you’re going to get a support system. Once you get into my coaching system right now, you’re going to get the support for a lifetime. I have weekly coaching calls, our daily meetups, monthly hackathons, and a lot of fun and gamification and awards and rewards and recognition that happens within the community. That’s how you nurture communities. And as you nurture in communities, you’ll able to learn more about what they want so that you can create more, attract, more convert more.

speaker 1

And this is called the flywheel model where you can actually go and Amazon, Facebook, apple, all of them use the same flywheel methodology. Now this is a new concept to you. Welcome to this world, click on that link, get in and get started today. Okay. See, I, for me, I want to work with people who are serious and committed. And if you’re watching this video to this point, I’m sure that you are a committed learner. You’re a committed person, others would’ve left this video a long time back. Okay. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to quickly run you through what exactly are those 13 courses that I have, and what’s the value that you’re going to be getting in each of those courses. Okay. So let’s jump in. I already shared with you a few of those courses, but I’m going to start from the top and tell you what other courses.


Focus: Push people to stay to end for better sales
Share mission + vison rephrased
Give free gift (pdf/course) as promised at start
Content Of Product
Bonus For Action Takers
Stack Up The Value
Share total Value
Emotional Heart story
Limiter: Scarcity/Urgency

speaker 1

Mission Repeat (What problem I am solving)

So in fact, more than a course, I want to invite you into my community. The name of my community is called the internet lifestyle hub. The internet lifestyle hub was founded in 2018 and we are the world’s largest community focused on building digital leaders. The problem that we’re solving is that the current education employment system is broken and we are here to build the world’s largest society of digital leaders. And the vision is to collectively empower every human on earth, to live a lifestyle of freedom, to be able to live and on a business from anywhere in the world. And if you ever are able to resonate with these values, this is for you. Okay? Now inside my courses, I covered every piece of the, all the components of this blueprint. And I help you execute that. since you have been watching my video to this point, and I promise that I’m going to give you this blueprint, the digital course blueprint.

Free Gift download

speaker 1
This one you can download as a high quality PDF. You can go to this link. I’m just going to give you a link right now and you can download this. It’s at download the blueprint. I’m going to give that to you for free, but still continue this learning and invest in my courses to see how you can implement this blueprint.

Content & Pricing Of Product

Okay? So the first course of the freedom business model. This one is the ultimate training system designed to give you freedom, which is a three-day course. You can learn at your own pace. It’s all pre recorded videos. You’ll get a login and password, and you’ve got lifetime access to all of this. Okay? In this, I’m going to teach you the building blocks of the freedom business. I’m going to teach you a proven goal, setting formula, self discovery process.

speaker 1
What skills you need, how to identify your niche, which are the world’s top equity marketplaces. How to define your puzzle brand positioning elements of a top money-making sales funnel. What recommended systems, how much to invest on systems? What to expect on this journey, everything is covered in this. It’s a three-day course. It’s 14,900 plus GST. It’s a $197. If you’re watching this from other parts of the world and it’s a one-time fee, okay?

Bonuses For Action takers

Stack up the value
Share Total Value

Now I have special groups that action takers. If you actually take action right now, next time you come back, you may not see this. Okay? So, because I keep changing these videos, I’m going to give you access to this clarity blueprint. All these spoke to you about to help you find your niche, 500+ plus niche templates. How you can craft your positioning and clarity document, 12500 rupees in value.

speaker 1
I’m going to give this you as a gift. When you come to the transaction of 14999, plus GST, if you click on the link below and if you see a much better offer just grab it. Okay? So the total value of the model is 27, 499. The second gift I want to give you it’s called curriculum design blueprint. Here’s what I will teach you. How to craft your tripwire, the core product, your modules, how to design bonuses, how to add immense value, how to record, edit, and publish it on videos. You can save thousands of rupees by just going to discourse. It is 12. Doesn’t find the reason total value. I want to give this to you for free. When you complete the transaction of 4,900 plus GST one $97. If you see a much better rate, just grow, go and grab it. 39,909 is the broader value.

speaker 1
Number three, the freedom budget blueprint. How to create a one page business plan, how to manage your money using DWC, CGO, how to manage your plan, your ideal budget allocation for tools, ads, and learning. Everything is covered in this course, 9,500 piece in total value. I’m going to give this to you for free. Okay? So the total value of the bundle is 49, 4 99. The fourth gift I’m going to give you is an exclusive can. This will blow your mind to it’s called the freedom coach blueprint. I’m going to teach you how to do one-to-one coaching. I’ve done more than 400 one-to-one coachings for my members, even before I started to productize all of this. So I will teach you all of that. And you have an exclusive interview that I have done only for the members of my community, with the one and only Jack Canfield.

speaker 1
He is a multi-million dollar best-selling author, author of the book, chicken soup for the soul. And I got a chance to interview him exclusively only for the members of our community. And how did they become a successful coach? And what are the future of the training and coaching industry? It’s a one hour interview. You get access to this to get an exclusive interview with Jack Canfield, how to perform an impactful one-to-one session in 30 minutes, and how to use one to ones, to get more insights, to build your own digital products. This is 12,500 piece in value to try to buy directly on my website. But if you click this link special link here, and if you pick it up, I’m going to give this to you for free. When you complete the transaction of 49 99, plus GST totally valid. The bundle is 61 9 9 9. Okay.

speaker 1
Number five is affiliate income blueprint. I’m going to go deep into affiliate marketing and teach you how to sell other people’s products. But I’ve interviewed one of the top 1% affiliate marketers in the world who does over a million dollars a month. His name is Vick Strizheus. He’s going to teach you on how you can become a super affiliate. He’s my mentor. He helped me come out and, you know, go from that thousand $2,000 per month to over a hundred thousand dollars per month. Okay? Now that’s, that’s what they’re going to be learning. And I followed his methodology at the interview with the world’s top 1% super affiliate, Vick Strizheus who does over a million a month. You’re going to be learning how to find the right products and become a super affiliate. You learn how to create a thousand dollars a month selling other people’s products.

speaker 1
This is 13500% total value if you try to buy it directly on my website. But I want to give this to you absolutely for free when you complete the transaction after clicking the link below. So the total value of the bundle is 75,409. And you’re going to get only for 14999 plus GST. Okay. Funnel building formula. How to design the right funnel to attract customers. Do you need to use a webinar funnel? Do you need to use a WhatsApp funnel? Do you need to use a automated webinar funnel, a one-to-one consultation funnel or an e-book funnel? There are so many different ways to approach this game, and I’m going to teach you all the different funnel methodologies inside this course. I’m going to teach you how to craft your customer journey through max to maximize your results. And what’s going to teach you some elements of design, psychology, funnel templates, and some basic automation that you can do to put your business into God mode.

speaker 1
Trust me. There’s no other course that you’re going to be seeing with so much of value packed into such short time, 34,500 PS. If you tried to buy that directly on my website, I going to give this to you for free. When you click on the link below and complete the transaction.


In fact, Jordan is one of my students and Dina’s she achieved three lakh rupees within 90 days by implementing my lead generation funnel validation techniques, Venus. She did our first ever webinar following my influence in techniques. And she, she made 93,231 properties in one single webinar in one single night when she got started. Now she’s doing much more than this. Okay? So in essence, you’re going to be getting 1 0 9, 9, 9, 9 worth of courses and products for just 49 99 plus GST. Very good value for money. In fact, you go and see my customer reviews on plus pilot.

speaker 1
You’ll be amazed at the value because for me, it is all about value. If you’ve tried something in the past, and if it has not worked for you trust me, when you come into my world, it’s going to be a fresh new experience for you where you’re really going to see the results. Okay? This is a very systematic point. Shooter style, no BS, no fluff kind of teaching methodology, which I’m, I’m going to promise you that you’re going to get results. If you follow all the steps, the best step. Look at this, Dibyendu datta within one day itself, he got a huge transformation, Dr. Jaya Deshmukh, thanks for the excellent support. This is her honest rating she is an excellent platform where the quality knowledge persists, the group of the mastermind here. And the best thing is my mentorship is, I mean, she’s, a lot of people are getting phenomenal results in this community.

speaker 1
Again, Shreelata, she said, I’m very happy. I’m going to be the course from day one, till end of day two, I’ve learned a lot of stuff and gain knowledge, self confidence and understanding the importance of the few aspects. And I’m not going to read the whole thing, but you understand the concept here. This will be the best decision that you can ever make in your life by getting into the system. And like I mentioned, have more than 4.9 star rating, and this does not happen just like that. It happened because of quality. You know, two of my biggest mentors are Steve jobs and Jeff Bezos. I really love the way they built Amazon and apple because they have always having customers in the focus. They’re looking at how the customers can be, can get results. They’re looking at how they can give a good customer experience in terms of their products.

speaker 1
And I’m modeling the same thing into my system. And that is why I have this kind of rating that you can see here over here, which is 4.9 dating with over a thousand customers. And it’s growing. Now. It may be even more than what, what you saw here. Okay? And not just that many people, they can sell courses, they can show their own results. So I made so many crores. I made so many crores for me, that is not my focus. My focus is never on my results. My focus is on helping you get results. And that’s why I have so many success stories in my community. And the success rate is extremely high because it’s a proven system. When you click on the link below and actually get started, you’re going to be getting access to a proven system that is working for hundreds of people.

Limiter : Urgency + Scarcity

speaker 1
Even if you have never done this before, you have to take that first step and get started. Okay. And I have a limited time action bonus. And I do not know when I’m going to close this, but next time you come here. And if you see that, that is not that I’m so sorry. I can’t help you. Okay. I’m going to give you a one-time lifetime membership as a silver member inside my community where if you complete this action right now, okay, I’m going to give you access to internet traffic blueprint, fun Lead Gen challenge , freedom, business blueprint, freedom hall of fame, inner circle vault and freedom meetups. Now this itself is valued at 1 54,210 rupees in total value. Now I’m going to get this absolutely for free. When you click on the link below and actually register right now, it is amazing value for money.

speaker 1
If you’ll give me even one rupee, $1, I will give you back $20 in value, 20 rupees in value. That is my promise to you. That’s why I’m giving you this special offer. Okay? And it’s a fail proof system. The only way that you can fail is if you quit and if you plan to quit, I don’t want your money. If you think this is getting, this is about getting rich quick. I don’t want your money. If you think this is about, you know, I want everyone else to do things for me, and I’m not going to d o any work. If you’re not willing to put the hard work and dedication for this, this is not for you. I’m being very forthright, open, honest, transparent, and straightforward, in telling you this, the way that you can succeed is by being a part of the right environment.

speaker 1
And I’ve heard an amazing support system. Your environment is stronger than your willpower. And once you come into my community, you’re not just going to get these 13 courses, but you’re going to get access to daily Meet-ups, weekly masterminds, monthly hack-a-thons 24 by seven support in our private social network. So there’s no way that you can ever fail if you are in the system, if you’re connected in the system. So click on the link below. Get started, get started right now. Okay? So in essence, you’re gonna be getting 13 courses for the price of one total value of this is 2,64,298 rupees. You click on that link, 14,999 plus GST. If you see there’s a much better deal than what it is there, just grab it.

Higher Vision Repeat

Okay? The reason why I’m doing this, is because I want to build the next breed of digital teachers next breed of learners. The next breed of people who can make a difference in the world. Teachers, mentors, coaches, and leaders are the ones who transform the society. And when you’re going to incorporate in corporate, the word digital coach, digital mentor, digital teacher, digital leader, this is who I want to create. I want you to be that because you, if you can step into this power into your power and over the next few days, next few weeks, are able to mentor your own community of a hundred, 200, 300, 400 people. This is going to create a ripple effect in this world.

speaker 1
You’re going to change the entire world. This is why I’m doing what I’m doing. Okay. It’s not just about the money. I’m not here to just come and sell products to you. I want you to make that decision right now to step into your power, to doing something magical for yourself and to help others. If you have the intention to serve others, this is for you. Okay? So 14,999 plus GST. And I want to mention a few other things here. The special offer claim, this offer, which is valid only. Now you’re always going to get a certification that’s going to happen. It’s not a feeling of competition when you complete the course.


(Behind The Scenes)

And once you complete the freedom business model, it’s a three-day course. So today when you complete the transaction, you can start with the number one. Tomorrow is day number two day after tomorrow, day.

speaker 1
Number three. Now, even though when you make the payment to get access to all 13 courses, don’t go to all of those courses first complete freedom business model, and in the freedom business model, the first video is called the freedom2.0 launch orientation, video, go and watch that video. That’ll give you a clear, clear cut step by step game plan on which courses to watch.

Talk about procrastination, decision making & lack of focus

Okay? And I love this quote, make the position and then make the decision right. A lot of people get stuck because they get into analysis paralysis. They think too much. They’re not able to make the decision and they get stuck in life. And they, one year passes by two years, passes by three years, passes by five years, go by and think, why is my life not changing? And the reason why the life is not changing, is because they’re not able to make a freaking decision now whether the decision is.

Talk about those who decide to say no

speaker 1
Yes or no, that does not matter. But a decision is a decision, whether it’s black or white, for me, you buying this course, or you not buying this course does not make any difference to me. Honestly, the only difference that it’ll make is in your life, because if you take this seriously and if you take action, it will make a difference not only to your life, but to other people are going to be getting impacted with your knowledge that you have. So it’s a black or white decision that you need to make right now. And if suppose, your decision is no, I still respect that. And you can still follow me on YouTube and other places that I give, lot of free information.

But who people are paying and, coming into my community are going to get clear cut, step by step structured knowledge that they would never be able to get anywhere else.

speaker 1
It’s the shortest part to achieving your success. Like I mentioned earlier on it is not lack of knowledge that people, they fail, they fail because they have lack of direction and focus. So make that decision right now. Okay. You want to get internet access to my social network, which has over 7,000 members. I just showed you, I have an e-learning platform. You’ve got a login and password instantly when you made the payment. And you’ll also get access to my telegram group, where I share the latest updates and stuff like that. Okay. And besides this, so claim the offer besides this, you’re also going to get access to a support system. Every Thursday, 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM, Indian standard time. I’m going to be that live answering questions for you. So for the rest of your life, for the rest of my life, I’m there to support you.

speaker 1
I’m repeating that for the rest of your life, for the rest of my life. I’m there to support you every single weekend. If you miss out on these calls, it will be recorded and it will come to you as archives. Okay? You have access to the last two years of our archives as well. We have daily meetups on various topics, and you’ll also be able to find your own accountability partner within the community. When you attend the meetups. Number three is you get access to my own QA support forum 24 by seven. That if you have any question, you can ask the question and we have people who can answer that so there’s nothing to lose. Okay. So once again, I just want to thank all of you for watching this video to this end, just 39 minutes, we are here. if you’re watching till this point, that means you are amazing. Go and grab your 13 courses for the price of one. And now I’m just going to play some videos of my students who have been able to get phenomenal results in a short span of time. Just go and check it out, make that decision. And I look forward to serving you inside the community. Cheers, and God bless bye-bye.


More Testimonial Videos Added.

End Of Webinar – More Testimonial videos added below.

speaker 4
Hey guys, Sonny Jane here. So I’m a full-time trader in the stock markets by profession, and I also teach people how to treat. So I took the dark horse back in Jan, 2019, and that’s when I got introduced to the entire, you know, online digital course of selling market. Before that I was just doing workshops all across India, you know, life seminars, but I was completely new to the entire online space. So I took this course back in Jan, 2019, and I started taking action and implementing in August. And I launched my first course on September 15th after a month, you know, a month after I started watching his setup. And, you know, you won’t believe I, I touch sales over around 16 lakh rupees in just two days, right. I kept the registration open just for two days and I did her own 16 lakh rupees.

speaker 4
And that was, that was the highest seal I’ve I’ve ever done. And it’s all. Thanks to Lucy. Thanks for your effort, your value. The amount of value of given in your course is just amazing. Okay. So I would recommend anybody to go ahead and pick it because you will see the benefit of all right. So one big takeaway is think less, do more guys, even if you’re not ready, even if you’re not prepared, you know, you feel a bit scared. Just start, just start and momentum will start kicking. Okay. So that’s it guys. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

speaker 5
Hi there. My name is and I just wanted to tell you that using Sadat Chico’s coaching system, I was able to get enough pointers depths that helped me almost quadruple my income. I was learning very little, basically. I was only like two point something, but now I’m earning a month. And I recently launched a mindfulness digital course, and that’s made up of 5,000 us dollars in a few days. So definitely has impacted my personal life. As you can imagine, in so many ways, my business life, my, my brand, my coaching, everything. So I truly give times just keep up the good work.

speaker 6
Hey guys, my name is Maria and a trading coach. And I was able to launch my online course this very month. And I was able to scale it up to more than three lack in revenue in this very first month of launching my course, because all because of that system, it was a, it was district template that I need to need to follow how to get people into your webinar and how to talk in your webinars and how to close those sales. Everything is already done and tested, and it speckled battle-tested techniques, which he follows himself, being a marketer. Who’s making more than eight figures a year. That is something which I think that these, the first one would be in doing that in India. So I want to follow the best. And if you guys think you will need to follow somebody, who’s already doing something big like that. You just need to sign up with it.

speaker 7
he learned last year because of exiting from one of my business. I went financial lifestyle September, and luckily I met that and work out what the speed of business model I signed up and immediately took action implementation of the systems. the third month, December, 2018, I made 50 K and not me 2090. I’m combining the principles. What I learned, I invigorated online admin as offline business. I’m making five, eight lacks, well month easily through this systems. And I can see the growth happening exponentially, whether that thanks, lots of that for making it really, really simple, easier to implement. I need go my eat and we were not pick up the of business model and bake your life the very next night.

speaker 8
Hello friends. My name is. I am the digital marketing expert and I run a digital marketing agency, as well as the still marketing training is still in India. And before I met with that, I was not calling any one of them. And actually I wasn’t salaried bulls. And I was working for a company for the, on a Salvy name. It fits in that last year and to his, one of the webinars after that, he asked me to join his own course. And I did that. And after finishing his scores, like we had a one to one discussion in that discussion actually made, made life. And we friend through front coining what actually I want, what is my mission? What actually looking for, he actually break it down, everything. What actually want what my missions would be, what my goals would be, what my plans would be, how I would achieve all those things. So that session actually made my life. And currently within, after that session, like it was able to make 36 flags for business for my older businesses. And I was really, really what’d you say, banks, sitar, whatever you did to my life, life is like a fantastic, enjoyable and fascinating and motivational inspirational. And I feel a great soul belongs to you. And you’re the one who gave this whole thing saying, thanks, thanks a lot for making my life. And God bless you.

speaker 9
Hi, this is Adam and both of them Chennai. I’m a stock market technical analyst after having worked for more than 15 years in investment banking. I quit my job last year and I became a full-time trader along with another franchisee of a recruitment consulting firm, but I was not making much money. That’s when I met Mr. Sadat online and he introduced me to the freedom business model. I had no idea of becoming an entrepreneur, but I still Langley signed up for the schools. And I applied the system and I was able to set up my business entity or create my own courses online. My website sales funnel set up my email marketing system. So also how to conduct webinars. He gave a training from end to end and then applied the system. Blindly. Currently I’m able to generate sales of three lakh rupees on the last few months selling my own digital courses through webinars. And this has given me the confidence to obtain true financial freedom in that it does also increase my relationship with my wife and kids. And I also get a lot of freedom for myself to scale up my business. So all banks, we said yes to change the course of my life, and I have the confidence to achieve more and anybody can do this. You just have to follow the system. And I totally wish you the very best. Thank you.

speaker 10
Hey guys, I am, Sukin shitty. I’m a startup founder or business mentor. I mentor very early stage startups and also branding coach. I came to two years back. I used to attend his webinars. I might have attended more than 50 webinars office. I’ve taken his launchpad course and takeoff session also to develop myself and my business because of his freedom challenge. I, in 90 days, I increase my income from 50,000 rupees, which I used to get as a salary from nine to five job to four lag as an entrepreneur, six to seven lacks. That is what happens when you become a mentee offsets. And you started following following. If I’m a digital entrepreneur, if I’m a social media marketer or internet lifestyle, entrepreneur, it’s all because of sex. And I thank him a lot for this.

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