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L1D1-Module 1 | Launch Orientation

Who Am I

Hello & welcome to this course. You have made one of the best decisions of your life by joining this. I am Anupama & I will be your teacher today.

My achievements & Background

I am a co-founder of Brandloom, a top brand consulting & digital marketing firm in India. Our usp is that we have built a 7 figure business with 35+ employees without any paid advertising, merely by organic efforts and referrals. We are experts at organic growth, seo, paid marketing (though we did not need to use it ourselves & we do give undue benefit to organic efforts, as they are a long term strategy) , content creation & influencer marketing.

From an educational perspective, I have a Bachelors in Engineering and have been in the IT & Marketing industry for 17 years.

I have worked with companies of all sizes & types. Some of the larger companies I have worked with are IBM, CGI, Tata, Wipro. I have also worked with mid size businesses and funded as well as bootstrapped startups.

Business Mindset

MindLitt Values

Code Of Honor

Level 2 Pitch

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